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Ultimate Sonic Flash
Sky Quest
Costume Kid
Thing Thing Arena 3
My Little Room
Sand Trap
Angry Birds Rio
Lost Evidences 2
Tank Storm 3
Halloween Jigsaw

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Bitcoin (sign: ฿; .: BTC in April, XBT), is a cryptocurrency conceived in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The term also applies to the protocol and the P2P network that supports and common form is known as a currency generally digital. "Bitcoin" is used to refer to the network or protocol and "bitcoin" (plural: "bitcoins" ) to refer to monetary units.

Bitcoin is characterized by being decentralized, ie it is not backed by any government or dependent on the confidence of a central transmitter on the other hand, they use a test system working to prevent double spending and reach consensus among all nodes that make up the red. Similarly, are used directly between those involved in the transaction without the need for an intermediary and manage open for operation code.

Bitcoin is an innovative project in constant evolution and change as any currency. While the developers recommend investigate how they work before investing in them or open a portfolio for use, also they consider having the ability to change the world in financial terms.